Le Tour de France dans Cambridge

Cambridge | 07th July 2014

For the keen cyclists amongst us, it was a dream come true to have le Grand Depart of le Tour in the UK. We all took the morning off for the start of Stage 3 in Cambridge on the 07th to experience the spectacle of the rolling circus that is the Tour de France – ‘the greatest free sporting event in the world’.
Vantage points varied but the atmosphere was consistently electric. The rollout was relatively sedate and even those that were watching at the edge of the city, as the peloton swarmed across the Essex border, realised that the riders were taking it easy after a couple of more testing days in Yorkshire.
Colin revisited his teenage cycling world by heading up to see the race as it headed out of Swaledale on Stage 1 – after managing to complete a climb that he hadn’t done since he was 19 (even then it was tough) and feeling justifiably elated he decided to try and get MCW in front of a global audience by spraying the tarmac (with biodegradable paint, of course). Sadly the enormity of the crowd plus the rapidity of the riders meant that it was legible on ITV4 for about 1 second … at least it helped his Mum find him in the crowd as she watched on the telly.