Transition Cambridge
Re-economy and the Social Cost of Carbon

Cambridge | 28th-30th of January 2015

Using the annual three days leave to work with local charities and community groups we have been working with Transition Cambridge. Our time was spent working with two of Transitions many community groups.

We designed the advertising for an upcoming event concerned with the social cost of carbon. The event aims to provoke discussion among people about who carbon pricing should and will effect. The discussion will ask should the average person be responsible for their own carbon footprint or is it the responsibility of government and industry?

For the second group (Re-economy) we designed a series of graphics illustrating Transition Cambridge’s role as an incubator for start-ups and as a funder for groups such as Grow-Zone and Crop Share. The big question and one that many charities face is should we employ paid staff? The graphics we created are to be used as a tool to enable the group and volunteers/funders to visualise the structure and project outputs of Transition Cambridge more clearly.

It was very interesting working with Transition and getting to know and contributing to some of the much needed projects they are responsible for. 

Tom Garton & Beatriz Carrillo
mosescameronwilliams architects

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