Education Estates Conference talk:
Re-engineering and Institution -
The University of Northampton
New Campus Development

Manchester Central | 10th November 2015

Join us for a talk about the University of Northampton’s new Waterside Campus at the Education Estates Conference on the 10th November at Manchester Central, held by Colin Moses and Jane Bunce of the University of Northampton.

The session will explore how the development of a totally new campus is able to support, deliver and sustain radical change in the provision of teaching and learning. It will highlight how the design and structure of the new campus has been generated to reflect new teaching and learning methodologies along with an institutional-wide consolidation and rationalisation exercise.

Jane will outline of how the university is undertaking the reengineering of its teaching delivery and learning environment to create a more attractive, inclusive and efficient offer in response to an increasingly competitive market place, Whilst Colin will give an account of how the design team have generated masterplan and building proposals that respond to the changing needs of the University as well as the aspirations of the Local Authorities for this important town centre site.

Places at the conference are free for all those employed in the education sector: those employed directly in schools, colleges, universities or local authorities, including independent schools and governors.

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