ELEAN Garden Village

BNB Developments

The Eco Village forms part of the new development for BNB Developments. The site has been designed to promote a strong sense of community, and the project is focused around a central square and a village green, with a community centre, pub and local shops. The strategic location of the site, close to a carbon neutral straw burning power plant has enabled the heating demand of the village to be met by utilising the waste heat produced by the zero-carbon electricity generation. The Eco Village is made up of series of smaller, connected neighbourhoods. In addition to being within 5 minutes walking distance of all of the central village amenities, each neighbourhood would have its own semi-private communal green spaces. All of the main streets within the eco-village would be accessible by car, but the majority of parking would be off-road to open up streets as usable spaces in their own right. Landscape structure planting would be used, based on native species, to reinforce the links with the countryside and enhance the habitat value of the site, with broad-leaf trees, coppice, hedgerows, open grassland, species rich grassland and green roofs.