Innovation System | Feasibility Study

Cardiff University

location | Cardiff  year | 2014   value | £200m   size | 40,000m2

Cardiff University has set itself the aim of being a “world-leading, research-excellent, educationally outstanding university, driven by creativity and curiosity, which fulfils its social, cultural and economic obligations to Cardiff, Wales, and the world”. In 2014 MCW completed a masterplan for the University to provide a long term framework for the development of the University. One major element was the implementation of the Innovation System project on a disused site on Maindy Road. 

In 2015 MCW was commissioned to carry out a feasibility study for the Innovation System Campus, to include some of the most successful research groups in the University as well as an 'Innovation Centre' to provide start-up companies with high-quality, affordable space close to the research base. 

The new projects will transform the Maindy Road site from a disused, former industrial space into a 60,000m2 cutting-edge campus. One of the characteristics of the site was its proximity to the railway line, which constrained the location of the most vibration sensitive research activities, and others affected by electromotive force. Our study focused on providing connection between the new campus and the rest of the university, to ensure that the whole of the university community could benefit from the new development; and also achieving a new layout and skyline for the site that was respectful to the neighbouring community, while providing the future users with suitable accommodation.