Glaxo Wellcome World Headquaters

Glaxo Wellcome

location | Greenford, London   year | 1998   

Designed as the new World Headquarters at the time of the Glaxo-Wellcome merger, the award-winning building was described by judges as setting exemplary standards, both for its users and in terms of its civic contribution in the 1998 British Council for Offices Awards. The new building was to signal a corporate culture of openness and transparency. One of the first office buildings in the UK with a fully glazed thermal flue envelope, designed to enable uninterrupted views in and out whilst reducing both cooling and heating loads throughout the year.

A top lit space at the heart of the plan has a strong sense of connection to the external landscape and sculpture court, and to the wider campus. Combined with the surrounding galleries, the atrium space forms a natural venue for social gathering and corporate events.