Besnik Bijo

Senior Architect



art meets technology

Whenever I think of good design I always image the seamless juxtaposition between art and technology. Just like the inner workings of a timepiece, which captures time using technology, architecture “captures” space using technological advances in materials and details. Discovering the intersection between art and technology was my constant pursuit during my university studies at Oxford Brookes. These elements and a strong desire to make and experiment with models equipped me with the tools of processing design.


I take inspiration from nature, everyday objects, materials and sculpture. 

Biomimetics has been a strong influence since my diploma design thesis. Lessons in proportion, structure and morphology can be learned from analysing a tree leaf, snail or butterfly wings. 

I hold a strong passion in the discovery and research of materials, as they best express age and history of building fabric. They become richer with time. Materials have both form and depth, whilst they illustrate the first visual pattern of a building. 

Liz Jones, my design tutor at degree level, strongly influenced by design approach towards the analysis sculpture in relation to architecture massing. Sculptures are one of the most vivid examples of how forms and spaces interlock. I perceive architecture design as a sculpture curved within rather than an assembly of parts. For me the most beautiful part of the realisation of design is where spaces are created between materials, where negative space comes to life. 


I take positive energy from the Sun. I believe the Sun is the most fascinating wonder of the universe, our main source of light. It alters our mood, gives us warmth, passion and makes life possible on earth. Our challenge is to capture its vast, abundant energy and transform it to the benefit of humanity. 

Thoughtful considerations of….order, proportion, rhythm and structure……can transform any space into an inspiring place.

clock inner workings - 1
snail detail - 2
Olivetti showroomCarlo Scarpa - 3