Carrie Bayley




Architectural Journey

I have always had a passion for design but a passion for Architecture is something that has evolved from a combination of this with other interests. I completed my Part I, Part II and Masters education at the Manchester School of Architecture and graduated in 2012 with multiple awards for my work. I have worked in Bath, London and Manchester and spent some time in the USA before heading to Cambridge. A range of projects I have been involved with include the Manchester School of Art (recently nominated for the RIBA Stirling Prize), a social housing scheme for the City of Westminster and a wide variety of master plan and residential projects in Manchester. I am also a LEED Green Associate – I think sustainability should be a subconscious part of what we do rather than a discipline in its own right.


I am simply inspired by passionate people whichever industry they may be a part of. I have met lots of them on my journey so far and they have shaped my interests and understanding of life, Architecture and Urbanism both in theory and practice. I especially enjoy when the extremes of the architectural spectrum work seamlessly together and my BArch thesis concentrated on the intersection of two polar opposites, the infrastructural and the interstitial, integrating the very large and very small in a single conceptual building.

Outside the office

Outside of the office I am currently completing my own house. Being on site every day has been a (mostly) enjoyable experience and I have learned more about construction in the past six months than in the past six years; at times there is nothing quite like getting stuck in and getting your hands dirty. I also love to dance, Ballet more specifically, a hobby that I have enjoyed since an early age. Keeping up with this also means I can justify one of my other favourite past times – baking. I’m regularly drawn back to my home city of Manchester and love nothing more than to spend time with my family.

The open road, Blue Ridge Parkway USA.     
I love driving(and F1 but I’ll stick to watching that) - 1
A concept model from my BArch Thesis nominated for the RIBA Silver Medal - 2
Our house on site - 3