Javier Vicioso




Why architecture?

I've always enjoyed learning about different disciplines at the same time: literature, philosophy, history, mathematics or physics. One of my favourites historical figures was Leonardo da Vinci. I usually had his notebooks surrounding my desk. I felt so much motivation looking at those drawings and ideas. Since I was a child I was a jack of all trades and a master or none, and architecture is an amazing combination of all those different kinds of knowledge. I would definitely choose architecture if I had to choose again. 

What inspires you?

I didn't know anything about architecture until I had Alberto Campo Baeza as my teacher in my third year at the school of Madrid. I enjoyed each one of his lessons where, by the way, he always arrived before everyone else. He loved teaching and I've had the great opportunity of learning so much through his pedagogical way of transmitting his ideas about architecture. 
Javier Seguí de la Riva was another big inspiration from when I started; what an incredible and interesting man! 


Music and theatre. Yann Tiersen's music gave me the motivation to learn how to play some instruments by myself. And I've been part of two groups of theatre, where I could feel the magical relationship between the stage and the audience. 
I love the moment when a storm is coming, the smell of damp earth, my family, her, ham and a good olive oil from Jaén. 

Architecture - The control of gravity, dimensions and proportions with the precision of a surgeon. 

Mengíbar, my hometown. - 1
The roman theatre of Mérida. - 2
My favourite album. - 3