Marina Villarroel




The reason why…

Ever since I was little art in its multiple forms always caught my attention. Drawing, sketching, modeling, sculpting, I tried it all. Architecture, a perfect blend between Art and Technology, provides one with the emotion of problem solving and a unique feeling of satisfaction performing a social labor as you see your design come to life. For me it just seemed like the right choice.

The steps…

Originally from Salamanca, a historic University town in Spain, I grew up surrounded by tradition, with limestone as almost the only architectural material. It shaped the way I perceived beauty and taught me to appreciate the combination of simplicity and harmony; finally, to understand that, many a time, less is more.
I graduated from my six-year degree in Architecture from the Technical University of Madrid where from the very beginning I was fascinated by the complexity and scale of the city and by the different layers that work together and, apparently without effort, join seamlessly to create the urban space. It was also where I started my professional career, working for a small environmentally committed practice that awakened my interest for sustainable architecture. 

And now...

Now in the UK, where I moved in search of new experiences and as one of the newest members of MCW I’ve found myself working in an inspiring project, surrounded by a really passionate and talented team, but what’s most important friendly and welcoming. The atmosphere is simply great, and the lunches outside trying to catch a few rays of sun in the summer are a plus!

What makes me tick…

Along with drawing there are a few things I love doing. Biking leisurely and running are some of them and for both Cambridge is an ideal place to be at. But in the long Spanish summers what I love most is swimming, preferably in the cold waters of the never-ending, sandy beaches of Galicia in the west of Spain, from where part of my family (and my name!) comes from. As such, pleasure combines with the satisfaction of trying to overcome your own limits.

Madrid, Spain - 1
Rias Baixas, Galicia. getting into the gelid waters of the Cantabric Sea: a feat of strength! - 2
space, structure, architecture. sketch - 3