Thomas Garton

Architectural Assistant




Coming from a trade background, becoming an architect was a natural progression for me wanting to explore creative vision.

life before architecture

Prior to studying architecture my practical background and passion for humanitarian design found me working with NGO's and charities in South America. Working with such organisations I spent time focusing on disaster relief; rebuilding and recycling towns devastate by a series of earthquakes. This period also provided me with a platform and a base from which I conducted research projects examining the effectiveness of 'bottom up' design in developing cities and towns. These reports later culminated in a successful final year dissertation.

studio life

Working alongside successful and experienced team members I have been able to absorb a great deal in the time I have been with the practice. The studio has a good working atmosphere; professional and friendly with a lot of design interaction. The diverse range of projects the practice is currently working on means we are exposed to many sectors of architectural design.

Hicham, Essouria, Morocco - 1
Pisco sin Fronteras, Pisco, Peru - 2
Asilah, Morocco - 3