Tim Mellor

Senior Architect




Architecturally I am inspired by the patterns in natural structures and the evolutionary nature of all living things. For me the distinct spirit of a place, and environmental stability is very important. I think that the people that will use a space should be involved in the process of the design themselves as much as possible. I have a lot of energy for architecture and enjoy the creative process, so one of the most enjoyable experiences of being an architect is when people say that they enjoy living, working in a building that you have designed. 

Outside architecture

I grew up in the wilds of Devon then studied Architecture in post-industrial Manchester living among its ripped back sides. Later I lived in south east Asia and came to study in Cambridge where I now live. I think this has given me a wide experience in seeing how people live. 
I have always enjoyed music and playing music with friends. I play a number of musical instruments including the Northumbrian small pipes, I sing and run a folk club at weekends. What keeps me going? Friends, good food, learning something new and the determination of the human spirit.

Guitar top in progress - 1
Artichoke - 2
My house in Devon - 3