Alba Salcedo Rahola





Like every creative process architecture requires time to reflect. It´s exciting to be part of a design process that starts with the first ideas and sketches, matures slowly moving forward and backward and, after holding multiple discussions with the client and design team members, it takes shape and finalizes with the completion of the build.

It is not a solitary path, but team work, so you never stop learning from your colleagues, day by day, and you will be pleasantly surprised each time that, after many previous discarded options, everything suddenly clicks together.

Outside Architecture

Born and raised in the lovely city of Barcelona, I studied architecture at ETSAB and worked for a few years there before moving to Cambridge in 2016. Nowadays I'm happy to live and work in this charming small city where I can get everywhere by bike, enjoying the atmosphere of the university, the green spaces, good beer and peace.

In my free time I love to spend simple moments at home cooking, spoiling my cats, or on the sofa with a blanket and a film. Whenever possible I enjoy travelling with my partner, discovering new places within the UK or abroad. We go hiking with our backpacks to enjoy new landscapes and nature and enjoy going back home to spend time with our family.

Barcelona (La Pedrera, passeig de Gràcia) - 1
Pà amb tomàquet, simplest and preferred dinner - 2
Pirinees - 3