Lien Geens




The projects I like the most are the ones that are not straightforward. I find a real pleasure in developing the project brief, putting different pieces of a complicated puzzle together to end up with a polished building that looks cleverly simple.

where it all begun

A family holiday in Barcelona. A visit to Gaudí's museum in the Sagrada Família. A chain suspended by its endpoints to create a catenary arch. A mirror underneath showing the reflected image of the structures, unveiling Gaudí's inspiration.

That's where I realised architecture is the perfect combination of art and science. That's when I realised: I want to become an architect.

many years later

I went to the University of Louvain (Belgium) to study Architectural Engineering. Combining late night studio work with intense training sessions and matches for my other passion: handball. 

Moving to Frank Lloyd Wright's hometown Madison (Wi, USA) in 2005 meant giving up handball, but also discovering the joy of long distance running. People thought I was crazy running through snow at - 20 °C. I'm up for a challenge. 

In Madison I also expanded my interest in Green Design and became a LEED AP. Wanting to broaden my sustainability knowledge even further, I ended up in Cambridge (UK) where I graduated with an MPhil in Environmental Design in Architecture in 2008 (and experienced some great rowing adventures). 

the next step

was RMJM where I worked on wonderful projects for Coventry University, the University of Bedfordshire and the University of Hertfordshire. A truly amazing work experience was being the site architect for the Laboratory for Molecular Biology in Cambridge. 

I returned to Cambridge University to get my Part 3 qualification in 2009. In the same year I enjoyed my best project ever: I became a mum to Noah. 2 years later his joyful brother Jasper was born. Double the fun. Double the trouble. 


Since joining MCW in 2012 I have taken a particular interest in BIM and I hold the Certificate in Building Information Modelling (BIM) – Project Management by the RICS.

I joined MCW because of the wonderful people and great projects. The good music and amazing cakes came as a nice surprise. And so did the lunchtime runs.

I’m up for a challenge

other things that make me happy...     
My two bundles of joy. - 1
I am Lien and I am a ... Chocolate addict. My excuse: being Belgian. - 2
Maybe it's because of all the chocolate.     
Or because my brothers made me so competitive.     
But I definitely wouldn't be the same without my running shoes. - 3