Peter Williams


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the early years

Along with many architects, from my earliest years I always loved drawing and making models, and along with many who grew up in the 1960’s LEGO was probably my earliest connection with the building industry! It was a creative, communal and an endlessly flexible toy.


The biggest early influence on my career direction was my art teacher John Meade, who persuaded me to go to Canterbury College of Art to undertake a foundation course, and whose thoughts have informed my thinking since my school days.

My biggest architectural influence was my professor at the University of Edinburgh, Isi Metzstein (1928-2012). Our ‘crits’ could be brutal, particularly when the Mac students (including fellow MCW director Murdoch Cameron) came over from Glasgow with Andy Macmillan, but we all learnt the most from those experiences and conversations.

hopes - likes - loves

I hope one day to see my children settled and happy with their lives and loves.

I like laughing, a lot, and it’s even better when everyone is laughing, not just me

I love being by the sea and I feel calmest out on the rocks at low tide in Broadstairs, preferably at twilight when the wind has dropped, and the sea is calm.