Antonia Crespi





I was born and raised in a small town on the North coast of Mallorca. I am passionate about the island’s light, the landscape and the warmth of its people.

Ever since I was little, I was attracted by comforting and harmonic spaces. Understanding the processes and techniques behind those qualities together with my love for Mediterranean materials and textures, traditional construction techniques and popular architecture, are the origins of my interest in architecture. 


It was when I moved to Barcelona to study Architecture that my fascination for the multiple layers of complexity the city possesses begun. The more time I spent in the city, the more layers I could unveil and understand. This process awakened my curiosity for urban space design and its continuous transformation. It also made me realize the social responsibility that we, as architects, have.


After graduating, I collaborated with a highly creative studio, testing innovative ideas in competitions, and designing public and domestic buildings. I moved to Cambridge and joined RMJM in 2010 where I worked on a variety of higher education projects.

I arrived at MCW in 2012 and immediately found myself engaged with a stimulating project and a very talented team. I particularly enjoy the relaxed and familiar atmosphere in the studio, where hard work is balanced by a good playlist and a slice of cake from time to time. 

Architecture is not only about passion and creativity, it is also very much about strength and responsibility.

Miro’s workshop by Sert, Mallorca - I love this local stone, mares. - 1
Lincoln Centre, New York City - what a trip! - 2
Homemade bread - I enjoy cooking a lot, especially for friends. - 3