Angus Barnard





Having worked in the different environments of small design-led and large commercially-led practices I don’t think it is overstating it to say that what Colin, Murdoch and Peter are creating here at MCW is a truly exceptional workplace. A collection of passionate, creative and skilled individuals working together as a team that is far greater than the sum of its parts. This is an invaluable gift when it comes to the successful delivery of projects in the complex process that is the construction industry.

The projects I’ve been working on at MCW bring together many of the things I love most about being an architect: listening, getting to the heart of a scheme, introducing innovation and then being the guardian of The Concept, through from inception to completion. And along the way, brokering solutions that allow the building to become a reality, both in technical and aesthetic terms.

After 13 years living and working in London, I’ve swapped my favourite architectural highlights of the South Bank Centre and Tate Modern (complete with exciting recent interventions), for Cambridge’s own mix of historic and modern landmarks, as well as considerably more cows. And I’m loving it so far. 


When not at work, or on the A14, I enjoy living in Bury St Edmunds with my young family, slowly doing up our Edwardian semi. I am involved with a local church, play football, and like cycling, although am currently restricted to doing this between the Park & Ride and the office, avoiding the aforementioned cows. But it still beats the Elephant and Castle roundabout.

Communicate, collaborate & create.

Inspirational places… Louisana Museum, Copenhagen would be one - 1
Family… outnumbered 3:1 so no hope of getting a word in edgeways…… - 2
Football… or the middle aged man version anyway - 3