Carolina Lopez Gomez




Art, Architecture, Design

Since I was a child, Art has always been one of my passions. I just needed a pen and I could spend hours drawing in silence. Architecture came later. I don’t know how, but I was sure that I wanted to be involved. I liked to imagine how I could improve the quality of people' lives through the spaces I could create. From the beginning, I enjoyed the textures of different materials, every small detail and how the light play across them and how it can transform the space; it is mysterious and inspiring for me. I would like to keep learning every day and transmit with my work the same sensibility that I feel in some spaces; the ones that made you smile. 


I’m from the south of Spain in the Mediterranean and I came to the United Kingdom looking for a professional and personal experience. I have been working on a variety of residential, commercial and retail projects. I joined MCW looking for a challenging position and I have found a family and an amazing atmosphere. I feel like at home!

Outside the office

I enjoy travelling and discovering new things: new cultures, new hidden places, new people. Furthermore, I love sports, and I always try to find the moment to paint or sketch.


One of my sketches when I arrived in Cambridge. - 1
A unique country… Myanmar, Asia. - 2
My bike, design and colour. - 3